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Dogs are impulsive and opportunistic creatures. When they have an impulse, they act on it. So what do we do when we need to call our dog back to our side if they run away, when we need to get their attention if they pull on the leash to pick a fight with another dog, or pick up something dangerous off the ground? How do we get our dog to pay attention to us and ask for permission before acting? Leadership, communication and training.


It’s all about enforcing a lifestyle where everything of value comes from you and you are in control of what your dog is and isn’t allowed to do. Some might feel this lifestyle sounds a bit harsh but the good news is that you won’t need to implement such rigid structure forever! Also, what works for some dogs may not work for others. BUT if you have a dog that is pushy, entitled, tests boundaries, and engages in dangerous and risky behaviors, then non-negotiable rules and permission-based training is necessary. Leadership and structure are powerful tools that create a well-mannered and respectful dog and it will improve, not hurt, the relationship with your dog.


Moments to leverage control and training might include: not allowing sniffing and pulling while on walks, limiting engagements with people and other dogs, blocking access to couches, beds, laps, and more, entering and exiting the crate, passing through any doorway or threshold (house, car, etc.), and while eating food and treats. The dog should ask permission first during each of these moments and activities until given the green light with a sit, stay, down, and other training commands that gives you 100 percent of your dog’s attention.


When you ask your dog to work for things in its life you will start to see a shift in their mindset and behavior that will allow them more freedom in the future. If you’re unsure how to reset your relationship with your dog and implement more structure in the home, give me a call! Visit the Lupa K-9 site today to learn more about my dog training methods, my philosophy, and to enroll your dog in the Lupa K-9 dog training program here in San Diego. Thanks for reading!