Meet Caroline

Meet Caroline

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With a background in Social Work, it’s no surprise that what I love most about dog training is deepening the bond we have with our dogs and cultivating a more grounded sense of self within ourselves. At my core, I truly believe that the way we nurture our relationship with our dog, and ourselves, impacts how successful we are in finding the balance we want.

My hope for every family I work with is that they feel supported with the guidance I offer and that they leave feeling more grounded, empowered, and connected to the relationship they’re creating with their dog. I want owners to feel knowledgeable about how to address their dog’s specific needs and feel confident continuing the journey in leading their dog with more balance and ease with a new set of learned skills!

I have had over 10 years of experience and training to create a balanced approach grounded in dog behavior and psychology (as well as human behavior and psychology) that helps owners get results. If you’re ready, I would love to be part of your journey!

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Meet Finn, my 11-year-old Goldendoodle! He is full of life and people often mistake him for a puppy because of his jovial personality. He’s an avid off-leash hiker and backpacker, loves going on beach runs, learning new tricks, meeting new people and dogs, and is an expert at getting people to fall in love with him! Sounds like a dream right? He wasn’t always like this.

When I adopted Finn, he was a ball of anxiety and would do his best to escape leaves blowing by, a big gust of wind, other dogs, and would bolt out any open door for a solo adventure! His anxiety also led to a history of aggression issues – biting a child and other dogs. Finn was in need of some serious all-around training. After spending time and work with obedience, off-leash, and behavior modification training, he has developed into a calm, balanced dog that is engaged and obedient, enjoys meeting new dogs, running off-leash (and always comes when called), and has gained confidence around things that used to startle him. If this sounds like your dog, there is hope!

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