Virtual Training

Virtual Training

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If you live outside of the San Diego area (or even for those of you that are local!) and are looking for some guidance navigating training with your dog, these virtual sessions from the comfort of your own home are designed just for you!


core skills

This is for owners/soon to be owners who need to consult with a professional around:

  • Pre-Puppy checklist (what to think about before bringing your puppy home)
  • What to think about before adopting/buying a dog (questions to ask the rescue or breeder, breed, temperament, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Puppy behaviors (potty training, biting, chewing, management, etc.)
  • Integrating a new dog into your home/lifestyle/with other family members
  • Integrating your dog with a new baby/child (Please reach out months before the baby/child is due/adopted to make the transition easier on you and your dog)
  • Integrating a new dog into your home with your current dog
  • Basic obedience
  • Separation anxiety consultation/strategies
  • Crate training strategies
  • Any other troubleshooting tips/help with challenging behaviors
  • How to set you and your dog up for a solid relationship built on trust, boundaries, and clear communication.
  • Or ANYTHING else you need help with pertaining to your dog and dog ownership!

So, get cozy in your sweats with some tea, hop on zoom and let’s chat! I’m here to help!


  • 1 Hour Virtual Consult (via Zoom or Facetime) : $100
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Unleash the potential in your pup with Virtual Training!