Lupa K9 Dog Training

"Walter has become a model dog! He is well mannered and his aggressive tendencies have been eliminated. Caroline has saved our dog and our family!"

- Karyn and Greg

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Lupa K9 provides private, real world dog training for all dogs regardless of age, breed, or behavior.  I work regularly with owners whose dogs have been deemed “untrainable” and that other dog trainers are unwilling to work with or have given up on. I specialize in aggressive dog behavior training, working with families and dogs struggling with dog aggression, human aggression, and fear and anxiety based behaviors. I also provide basic obedience training and puppy training for owners who want a solid foundation for a well-mannered dog. My goal as a dog trainer is to help owners achieve a meaningful connection with their canine companion by teaching simple and effective strategies that any dog owner can implement in order to enjoy a balanced and happy life with their dog.  If you’re ready to uncover your dog’s true potential, Lupa K9 can help!

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Lupa K9 offers a variety of training programs: Reboot the Walk, Obedience Training, Behavior Modification Training, Off Leash Training and Puppy Basics.

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If you’re ready to bring balance back into your life and your dog’s life, I’m here to help!