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Lupa K9 is devoted to helping San Diego dogs and humans live balanced happy lives in their homes and their community. With more than 10 years of experience, our dog training services are designed with sustainable change in mind. By customizing our training plan to specifically target you and your dog's needs, we can create holistic change to ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog! Our in-home dog training coaching is a collaborative effort that aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to tackle real-world challenges with confidence once training ends.

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Obedience Training

Our Off-Leash Training program focuses on giving you and your dog freedom without the leash while maintaining proper engagement. It's time to cut the cord!


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Leash Training

Leash training for your dog is vital in keeping your dog's behavior in check. Our program is designed for dogs that pull on the leash, stop or refuse to walk, exhibit mild reactivity, or are new to the leash!

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Puppy Training

Puppy training is important for creating the perfect bond with your new dog. We are proud to offer the best puppy training that includes all the basics of proper behavior including obedience, leash training, potty training, and more!


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Behavior Modification

In our Behavior Modification Program, we focus on dog behavioral training for dogs with more severe behavior issues such as anxiety-related behaviors and reactivity. We address your dog's state of mind and the root cause to ensure a calmer, more balanced dog.


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Off-Leash Training

Our Obedience Training Program is a dynamic process that focuses on building trust, communication, and engagement by teaching skills like sit, down place, come, and heel along with addressing mild behavioral issues.


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Intensive Training

Some dogs and owners need more than a weekly session! One-on-One Intensive is a collaborative program that allows us to address your needs and goals with daily training sessions to hone your dog training skills.


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Serving the San Diego, CA area, Lupa K9 creates custom in-home dog training programs unique to you and your dog's needs. Call today for a free phone consultation and discover which program best suits your needs!

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What It's Really About!

Our dog training in San Diego strives to help you develop the perfect bond with your dog, creating positive behaviors you will love!

  • Relationship + Leadership Development Between Human and Dog (communication, engagement, boundary setting)
  • Behavior Therapy + Support (building a calm state of mind, confidence around triggers, and alternative choices)
  • Puppy Development (foundation to create a well-rounded and confident dog)
  • Life Skills + Manners that help create sustainable change (impulse control, engagement, and boundaries)
  • Empowering YOU, the owner, with the tools, knowledge, and confidence on how best to lead your dog and drop into a more grounded version of yourself.
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