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As dog owners, we all love taking our furry companions for walks, but sometimes it can become a stressful experience due to leash reactivity. This behavior can be seen in dogs who become aggressive or anxious when they see other dogs, people, or even cars while on a leash. But fear not, with the right training and techniques, leash reactivity can be transformed into leash obedience....

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Training your dog is a crucial aspect of ensuring they grow into a well-behaved, happy, and socialized pet. One of the most common questions new dog owners ask is: What age is best to start dog training? The answer is pretty straightforward… the second you meet your dog, training begins. Everything you do your dog is observing, absorbing and learning, so the time is now! Here is an abbreviated rough idea as far as what and when to train dogs...

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CONSISTENCY! I would say this applies to pretty much everything in life when you are looking for sustainable results and change. In dog training, consistency involves maintaining the same commands, expectations, and responses every time you interact with your dog. This helps your dog understand what is expected of them and reinforces positive and negative consequences to their behavior. Consistent training creates a clear and predictable...

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When it comes to ensuring a happy and healthy relationship with your furry friend, choosing the right dog trainer is crucial. With a myriad of options available, finding the perfect fit for your dog's training needs can be overwhelming. At Lupa K9 Dog Training, we understand the significance of in-home dog training and the impact it can have on strengthening the bond between you and your canine...


This might sound counterintuitive at first, but there is good reason why it's a good idea to hold off on letting your pup greet other dogs and people during walks at a young age. Grab a puppuccino and let's dive into this unconventional piece of advice.

We all know that socialization is crucial for our dogs, but there's a time and a place for everything. And on-leash greetings during walks? Not the ideal situation. Here’s why:



I heard a quote that said “ to be a tourist is to see, to be a traveler is to experience.” I feel like this applies in EVERY corner of our lives, not just to traveling. This picture is from my trip to Death Valley this past weekend . It was truly a magical place sprinkled with pastel colored mountains from mineral deposits. I felt like I was walking through mountains of painted Easter eggs! This picture doesn’t do it justice whatsoever . The...


When it comes to training your dog you can’t outsource everything. It's tempting to just hand over the leash to a professional but its not always that straight forward and you may not see the results you want if you aren’t changing how you live and engage with your dog once he is home.

When it comes to effective sustainable dog training, the most important factor is the relationship YOU have with your dog. When you work with your dog,...

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Hey dog lovers! If you're a proud dog parent, you know that training your furry friend is no walk in the park (pun intended). It takes time, patience, and, most importantly, consistency. But wait, there's more to the recipe for success - it's also crucial for all the humans involved in your dog's life to be on the same page. So, let's dive into why consistency and unity are the ultimate keys to unlocking your dog's training...


POV: Your dog peed on you…in your bed…while you were sleeping (true client story).

Now, let’s talk about the magical world of crate training!! (cue glitter bomb). You too can get a good (dry) night sleep and peace of mind when you leave the house with the use of a crate. Here’s how…

Why I recommend crates:

- Crates create a safe place for your dog ( and you for that matter) to unwind and it creates a calmer state of...

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I’m sure you’ve heard that if you practice anything for 14 days it becomes a habit. I can’t speak to 14 as the magic number BUT if you practice something long enough, it will eventually become a habit if you put in the work and take the time to make it happen.


As the days pass and we continue to adjust to a “new normal”, it seems that we may be here for a while. Many have had the privilege to work from home, others may have lost their jobs, and others may be learning how to teach their children through their schoolwork. Everyone is adjusting and it can be challenging. However, despite how difficult it may be for some, there are ways to manage this shift in a healthy way by staying present and...

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As a dog owner, you probably know all too well how excitable and energetic dogs can be. They’re naturally a little “rough around the edges,” and that’s one thing we love about them! Unfortunately, that also means that it can be difficult to distinguish between aggressive and playful behavior. Whether your dog is playing with another canine companion, or zealously reacting to a new houseguest, the line between fun and aggression is often...

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The single hardest piece of dog training is not the mechanics of obedience, it’s developing the relationship and finding the courage to put our own emotional thoughts and needs aside to do what is best for our dogs. I totally understand why owners get stuck into thinking their dog thrives best with the kind of love that offers freedom, a pampered lifestyle, and tons of physical affection;...

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Off-leash, calm, and in an open field?! Finn used to be a runner. How did we get here? Leadership. People always ask, “Well, what does that really mean? What does that look like?” It means being a calm, steadfast, consistent, confident and clear supporter for your dog in every area of his life. It means teaching him how to physically and mentally be still in any environment and to look to you for guidance. It means providing the kind of love...

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There is a reason why professional dog training services such as Lupa K9 exist — dog training can be an art, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are actually a lot of mistakes that can be made. While I make my living training dogs in the San Diego area, one of the secondary goals of my training sessions is to help owners learn how to train dogs themselves, so that the dog can have...

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One mistake that a lot of dog owners make is focusing on specific tasks and actions when they’re training their dog. Yes, you can train your dog to do extremely specific tasks, but ultimately, it’s easiest to train a dog when they feel naturally submissive towards you, and when they respect you as their de-facto leader.

It’s like the old adage: “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Give a man a fishing rod, he eats for the rest of his...


Despite the great love we have for our dogs and puppies, it’s no secret that many dog owners are absolutely mystified by the prospect of dog training. They often don’t know how their dog thinks, or how they react to your disciplinary measures.

At Lupa K9, I take a holistic approach to training dogs which carefully balances rewards and corrections. One thing that helps people to...

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We all like to have our things. The love for material possessions is one of humanity’s defining traits, so is it too crazy to assume that dogs feel the same way?

Indeed, there are many dogs who become protective and territorial in regards to material things that they form attachments to. This is known as “ resource guarding ,” and while it’s sometimes harmless, it can have negative...

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Dogs are impulsive and opportunistic creatures. When they have an impulse, they act on it. So what do we do when we need to call our dog back to our side if they run away, when we need to get their attention if they pull on the leash to pick a fight with another dog, or pick up something dangerous off the ground? How do we get our dog to pay attention to us and ask for permission before acting? Leadership, communication and...

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The temptation to buy a new puppy or dog is an irresistible siren song that often leads to an impulse buy and could lead to buyers remorse IF you aren’t prepared. Although super cute and fulfilling, dogs (puppies in particular) require an enormous amount of care and attention. If you see a puppy in the window go through this checklist before you stare too deeply into their eyes:


Is it me or is everyone pregnant and having babies right now?! Congrats to all the new and expecting parents out there! If you’re about to bring a new baby home and you have a dog, I’m sure you’ve thought, “Oh man, how is this going to go? How do I introduce my dog to the baby and my baby to the dog?” There are so many videos of kiddos climbing all over their dog’s face, pulling their tails, and so on, and while some dogs have the temperament...

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What could possibly be unsavory about dog training?! It’s fun to spend time with our dogs, teach them new commands and reward them for doing well but what happens when they misbehave, bite someone, pull on the leash, or eat food off the table? With all the dog training methods out there, the one that gets the most mention is positive reinforcement… BUT (yes, but) methods based solely on...

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If speeding tickets only cost one dollar, would you still speed? Probably. What about $50? Maybe. $100? $5,000? The impact of any consequence is subjective. I would never speed if there was a risk of paying $5,000 for a ticket, whereas I might not care as much about $50; but others might not even want to fork over a dollar. My point is that our dogs are the ones that determine what level of correction is meaningful enough to change...