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If speeding tickets only cost one dollar, would you still speed? Probably. What about $50? Maybe. $100? $5,000? The impact of any consequence is subjective. I would never speed if there was a risk of paying $5,000 for a ticket, whereas I might not care as much about $50; but others might not even want to fork over a dollar. My point is that our dogs are the ones that determine what level of correction is meaningful enough to change their behavior. The same goes for rewards. They determine which reward is worth a change in behavior—this is not something we can determine for them. No one likes giving consequences, or receiving them, but that is how we learn and it’s how our dogs learn during dog training. Consequences are a necessary part of the learning process just as rewards are, but keep in mind, a consequence we may view as harsh, and a reward we may view as highly valuable, might not be significant in our dog’s eyes. Let your dog determine what motivates him to do or not do something and enforce the rules you set accordingly. Reach out for help or clarification if you need it! I’m here to help :)