Is it me or is everyone pregnant and having babies right now?! Congrats to all the new and expecting parents out there! If you’re about to bring a new baby home and you have a dog, I’m sure you’ve thought, “Oh man, how is this going to go? How do I introduce my dog to the baby and my baby to the dog?” There are so many videos of kiddos climbing all over their dog’s face, pulling their tails, and so on, and while some dogs have the temperament to tolerate it, I wouldn’t recommend it. Below is a link to a great article on how to prepare your dog for the new little person that is about to come home! If your dog has severe behavior issues and you aren’t sure how to navigate the new family dynamic with a little one, PLEASE reach out to me or another dog trainer in the area to ensure everyone is safe and feeling comfortable, and that you have a dog training plan in place! I’m here to help.