5 reasons why you should crate train your dog

POV: Your dog peed on you…in your bed…while you were sleeping (true client story).

Now, let’s talk about the magical world of crate training!! (cue glitter bomb). You too can get a good (dry) night sleep and peace of mind when you leave the house with the use of a crate. Here’s how…

Why I recommend crates:

- Crates create a safe place for your dog ( and you for that matter) to unwind and it creates a calmer state of mind by having a structured place for your dog to decompress and settle in to a calmer state of mind.

- Helps prevent anxious, bored, puppy behaviors like chewing on all of your beautiful things and/or potty accidents in unwanted place…like your face.

- Helps prevent unwanted behaviors when you are away, or at home, such as barking at the mailman through the mail slot, staring out the window and barking at Peggy and Pickles walking down the street, etc. Crates give your dog a calm place to relax and rest instead of engaging in self rewarding behaviors like protecting the house.

- Helps with potty training! Dogs don’t like to poop and pee where they sleep. With proper crate conditioning this can be a HUGE help with potty training. You don’t need to find a little present on your floor everyday if you don’t want to ;)

- Helps reduce separation anxiety when introduced and conditioned properly. Dogs crave structure. Some dogs may be fine outside of the crate but if you are experiencing any of the behaviors listed above crate training could seriously help create the boundaries and structure you need.

Please seek professional help if you need assistance with the crate conditioning process especially if your dog has severe separation anxiety or reactive/aggressive behaviors. I would love to be that person but any well respected and experienced trainer will do ;) Check out my services or contact me today to chat about how I can help!