1. How to Recognize if Your Dog is Anxious-Part 1

    Hello, and welcome back to the Lupa K-9 Dog Training blog. Some of the behavior issues we frequently hear relate to stress and/or anxiety with people’s furry friends. Like humans, stress and anxiety can impact our pet’s emotions which often triggers behavioral issues among dogs. Also as with humans, anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways. Being able to recognize the symptoms of anxiety …Read More

  2. Things to Think About Before Buying a Puppy!

    If you’re considering buying or adopting a puppy, first ask yourself these questions Puppies are the one thing that brings pure joy to anyone that they come in contact with. They’re adorable, fluffy, and absolutely impossible to resist! Who doesn’t want a puppy? Unfortunately, while the initial thrill of having a puppy is great, it isn’t going to last. People tend to overlook how much time…Read More

  3. Small Correction = Small Change…. If Any.

      If speeding tickets only cost $1 would you still speed? Probably. What about $50? Maybe. $100? $5,000? The impact of any consequence is subjective. I would NEVER speed if there was a risk of paying $5,000 for a ticket… I might not care as much about $50 but others might not even want to fork over $1. My point is that our dogs are the ones that determine what level of correction is meaningful …Read More

  4. The Magic Recipe

    I often hear owners and trainers refer to certain tools as “magic” which I totally get! It's magical when you discover a tool that allows you to communicate with your dog in a quick and clear way, but don’t be deceived; the tool alone won’t create lasting change. This seemingly magical transformation unfairly gives all the power and responsibility to the tool and discredits the work that g…Read More

  5. Owners Need Training Too

    While the goal of dog training is to train your dog to be obedient, calm, and happy, dog owners can use some training, too. Obedience training is a big, yet important commitment that can transform your everyday routine, your household practices, and even take you out of your comfort zone. That’s why it’s important to recognize your role in the dog training process, and the ways that you can ma…Read More

  6. Practice Creates Patterns

    I’m sure you’ve heard that if you practice anything for 14 days it becomes a habit. I can’t speak to 14 as the magic number BUT if you practice something long enough, it will eventually become a habit if you put in the work and take the time to make it happen. Introducing Practice to Dog Training The hardest part is getting started. Pushing through your normal routine or bad habits is a cha…Read More

  7. Lupa Look: Love the Dog You Have

    Many dog owners have dreams of their reactive and maybe not so friendly dog befriending and playing with other dogs at the local dog park. This is a great objective but if we’re not careful, our desires and agenda can get unfairly pushed onto a dog that likely has some underlying issues that need to be addressed through dog obedience training before we throw them into a potentially challenging s…Read More

  8. New Year, New Start.

    Resolutions are always a popular start to the New Year. Whether you want to drop those last 5 pounds, limit facebook or TV, etc., they often involve making a decision to NOT do something or subtract something from your life. But what about the option to DO something by adding a positive behavior to your routine or lifestyle? Don’t get me wrong, eliminating things that are preventing you from ach…Read More

  9. The Holiday Rush

    The Holidays have arrived! For some (mmm, let's be real… for most) the holidays are hectic! They involve running around buying gifts, setting up cumbersome decorations, planning and cooking large meals, traveling across the country, entertaining family and friends, and my personal favorite (not) holiday traffic! The Holidays are wonderful and full of joy but our normal routine gets a bit twiste…Read More

  10. It’s Never Too Early To Start

    When it comes to puppy training, it is NEVER too early to get started. Puppies are adorable creatures who give endless love to their owners, but the cuteness factor can cause some dog parents to be a bit of a softy and avoid giving their puppy the proper feedback they need to correct unwanted behavior. Additionally, because many puppy parents anthropomorphize their pets, they attribute a young dog…Read More