Two 1-1.5 Hour Dog Training Sessions

Does your dog constantly pull you in the direction he wants to go, stop and refuse to walk, pee on every tree, bark at other dogs and people, zig-zag like he’s walking on hot coals, and add stress to the start of your morning? If so, then it is time to reboot the walk! Lupa K9 can help you turn this dreaded, and often embarrassing, part of your day into a fun and enjoyable bonding activity for you and your dog!

Dog walking serves a crucial role in building a trusting relationship with your dog. Proper dog walking establishes strong leadership and structure, and teaches your dog  impulse control amidst all of life’s distractions. With the right tools and approach, you can drastically change your dog’s state of mind, his walk, and your relationship!

In this program I offer two one-on-one sessions that last 1 to 1.5 hours in length. In these dog training sessions we will address:

  • Proper leash handling skills with the proper tools
  • Overall structure of the walk
  • How to build engagement with your dog to keep him focused on you and where you are going
  • Mild leash reactivity (lunging, barking, jumping, pulling)
  • Stopping and refusing to walk and
  • How to create a dog with a calm and relaxed state of mind

Let me help you bring peace and pleasure back into your morning routine!

If your dog has mastered on-leash walking and you’re ready to explore off-leash walking, sign up for the No Strings Attached: Off-Leash program and enjoy the freedom of off-leash walking!