Lupa K9 has literally has saved the day (and our sanity).

We had the fortune of meeting Caroline around a year ago.  During our time working with Lupa K9, our dog has transformed from 32lbs of frenzied fury to a pooch that’s pleasant and well behaved on walks.  Prior to working with Caroline, you’d find us walking at odd hours and on odd routes simply to avoid other dog sightings.  Now, you’ll find us walking calmly and with good manners even in areas thick with dogs (think Tiburon trail, Crissy etc.).  Caroline has not only helped show our dog there’s another – and better – way, but she’s also educated and enlightened us, the humans, too.   We’re still a work in progress, but Lupa K9 has literally has saved the day (and our sanity).  Can’t recommend enough!

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Kerry W.