Caroline was the best thing that could have come to my home.

Lupa K9- Caroline was the best thing that could have come to my home. My little terrier Hadee was a crazy dog in our home, she went after people, was scared of everyone. She is only 2 years old and was trying to take the world atop her shoulders. I had tried many trainers before i found Lupa K9. I was nervous at first because many people had come in and said they could help but never truly did but with Caroline she came in and studied Hadee and even after the first training i could see a difference in my crazy puppy. She got us going on training taught us how to use training tools like a shock collar which helps a lot. When we finally reached our last session, I couldn’t even believe what had happened, my dog was good she didn’t go after people when they came over. She would sit on her bed and just lay there the whole time a new person who she normal would try to attack, walk around the house. It was more then I asked for! Lupa K9 saved me and my little Hadee. She is a great family dog now who lets stranger in the house without losing it. I so so thankful to Caroline for truly helping with Hadee and changing her way of life and making her a happy normal dog.

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Kayla F.M.