Three One Hour Dog Training Sessions

Puppies are cute, adorable, and fun-loving creatures, but with that cuteness comes a bit of work! The secret to puppy training is to provide clear consistent structure, communication, and leadership as soon as that puppy enters your home and pack. Dogs think in pictures and with puppies, it’s important to paint a clear picture when setting boundaries and building a solid foundation in obedience training. The clearer you paint the picture of what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable behavior, the faster the puppy will learn and comply!

The primary focus of the first puppy training session is to create a safe home environment to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble. The session will include:

  • How to establish a relationship with your puppy
  • How to establish safe and appropriate structure in the home
  • Proper socialization
  • Potty training
  • Introducing the leash
  • Basic obedience (sit, down, and stay)

The focus of the second and third puppy training sessions are to build upon the foundation created in our previous session. We will focus on:

  • Basic recall
  • Sit/Down stays
  • Walking with a loose leash
  • And more!

Chewing, peeing, and barking can be frustrating, but don’t let the frustrations of puppyhood keep you from training your dog. I would love to help guide you through the exciting new adventure of being a puppy parent with these puppy training classes!

Once your puppy has grown into adulthood, keep the training going and sign up for the obedience training package!