Caroline, owner of Lupa K9 Dog Training, and Gillian, owner of Canine in the City, are partnering up to lead a 7-week group CGC dog obedience training course designed to help you and your canine companion achieve the American Kennel Club’s highly coveted Canine Good Citizen Title! Many owners use this dog training course to build a stronger bond with their dog, while also using it as a first step in obedience training to create an allaround wellmannered dog in their home and in the community. For those who aren’t interested in taking the CGC test at the end of the course and only want to work on obedience training while engaging with other dogs, this class provides a safe and structured environment to give your dog exposure to other dogs. For all who want to participate in the CGC certification test, the last class is reserved specifically for you, even if it’s just for practice. Those who participate in the CGC certification test will receive a cool blue ribbon and certificate!