Evaluation + 2 One-Hour Dog Training Sessions

Do you ever wish you could be that person at the beach running with your dog next to you off leash? Or the person at the dog park who calls their dog and the dog immediately returns without protest? Or even the person who doesn’t have to worry that their dog will bolt out the front door when the opportunity presents itself? This dog training program is designed for the owner who wants 100% recall in any situation!

In these two sessions, I will introduce you and your dog to the amazing world of off-leash walking, hiking, running, skipping, you name it! I use low-level remote collar training that allows you and your dog “controlled freedom” in any situation!

If you’re ready to cut the cord and enter the beauty of off-leash freedom, I’m ready to take you there!

If your dog is experiencing problems while on the leash, check out the walk reboot package!