The temptation to buy a new puppy or dog is an irresistible siren song that often leads to an impulse buy and could lead to buyers remorse IF you aren’t prepared. Although super cute and fulfilling, dogs (puppies in particular) require an enormous amount of care and attention. If you see a puppy in the window go through this checklist before you stare too deeply into their eyes:

Am I Ready for the Daily and Long-Term Time Commitment?

Caring for a puppy/dog is like caring for a child. You can’t just bring them home and leave them to their own devices; they have needs that require your attention. So, will you have time every day to walk them, feed them, socialize them, potty train them, etc? Can you financially cover the cost of food and other pet supplies, a dog walker if you can’t walk them yourself, boarding them when you leave town, training, toys, unexpected medical expenses? Dogs live between 8-15 years; if you have a chaotic and busy lifestyle that would force you to leave your pup at home alone for 90 percent of the day, consider how you may need to adjust your schedule to care for your dog to see if fits into your current lifestyle and schedule or if making the commitment to adjust is a realistic choice for you right now.

Am I Willing to Get the Dog Trained?

Tricks are fun but obedience training is just a piece of the puzzle. Sit and down won’t get your dog to respect house rules or create a strong relationship where your dog respects your rules and boundaries. Behavior training is essential and will lead to long-term happiness for both you and your dog.

Am I Ready to Be Trained? Will I seek Professional Care?

Your dog isn’t the only one that needs training, sorry to break it to ya! A responsible puppy and dog owner should understand that what the dog learns comes from you. In order to set your dog up for success it’s important to understand that every dog is different and has different needs so adjusting how you communicate and enforce rules is up to you based on what works for your particular dog.

Lupa K9 is always willing to help you with your dog training needs. I offer a wide variety of dog training and one-on-one sessions where you receive expert advice on how to train your dog with a holistic balanced approach.