1. “To Make Right”

    In the real world, our poor choices are corrected every day by our parents, teachers, the law, and even nature itself! We learn by making mistakes. We learn that if we speed, we get a hefty ticket. We learn that if we don’t study for a test, we get a bad grade. Correction is essential for the learning process- for both humans and dogs. When we invite dogs into our lives, it is up to us to teach…Read More

  2. Dog trainer in San Francisco

    Fighting the Inner Softy

    Have you ever seen someone have a complete meltdown when they see a dog? This is a common phenomenon I like to call the Melting Effect. It occurs when a puppy, baby, kitten, or anything cute enters the picture; the victim of this phenomenon morphs into a fluid state as he (or she) recites an impromptu love poem in a high pitched voice. They simply cannot handle the cuteness, so they succumb to it.…Read More

  3. Welcome To The Lupa K9 Dog Training Blog!

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my Lupa K9 Dog Training Blog! I will be sharing all kinds of ideas, juicy tips and stories about dog training, dog behavior and maybe a few personal development pearls so be sure to check back often for regular updates! Let me introduce you to my services and feel free to ask some questions about the Lupa K9 dog training philosophy. Dog Training Services Currently, I …Read More