1. The Holiday Rush

    The Holidays have arrived! For some (mmm, let's be real… for most) the holidays are hectic! They involve running around buying gifts, setting up cumbersome decorations, planning and cooking large meals, traveling across the country, entertaining family and friends, and my personal favorite (not) holiday traffic! The Holidays are wonderful and full of joy but our normal routine gets a bit twiste…Read More

  2. It’s Never Too Early To Start

    When it comes to puppy training, it is NEVER too early to get started. Puppies are adorable creatures who give endless love to their owners, but the cuteness factor can cause some dog parents to be a bit of a softy and avoid giving their puppy the proper feedback they need to correct unwanted behavior. Additionally, because many puppy parents anthropomorphize their pets, they attribute a young dog…Read More

  3. “Untrainable” is a Cop out

    I hear the phrase "untrainable" more times than I would like, and sadly I hear it from other dog trainers too. No dog is untrainable. Do some dogs need more attention than others? Yes! Are some behaviors more challenging to train out than others? Yes. The dogs that need more intensive training often get labeled as untrainable because it takes more time, more patience, more structure and measures t…Read More

  4. The Holistic Approach

    “Balanced Dog. Balanced Life.” While not every family knows the wonders of a truly balanced and satisfied dog, there are plenty out there that know the disruption that an unbalanced dog can cause. When looking at training or disciplinary options, there are many clamoring for your attention. However, as is so often true in life, the quick fix or one-size-fits-all solutions typically do not help…Read More

  5. The First Step Is Always The Hardest

    It’s always hard to take the first step when setting a new goal or starting something new (i.e. training your dog, setting a workout routine, etc.). Fearing the outcome (and the journey) can often make us slam on the brakes before we even start to drive! What if I fail? What if I can’t commit? What if I crumble under pressure? What if I succeed- then what? These are all normal thoughts, but al…Read More

  6. Mental Yoga

    Engaging in an activity that forces you to be mentally still is a challenging task and a rare occurrence for the majority of people. We live in a fast-paced world with instant gratification and it’s easy for us to remain in autopilot at warp speed and forget to "turn ourselves off.” I used to avoid any activity that put me in a situation where I had to be alone with my thoughts because, after…Read More

  7. The Importance of Spay & Neuter

    Many San Francisco homeowners deal with a needlessly uphill battle in their dog obedience training by leaving their dogs “intact.” While dogs have been slowly domesticated over the course of our 10,000 year history with them, they are still animals; keeping a potentially dangerous, hormonally-influenced animal in your home with no prior knowledge of dogs would sound crazy, yet people do it all…Read More

  8. Understanding Canine Nonverbals

    Have you ever been in the car with your dog and noticed them let a nice big, long, loud yawn? Many of us shrug it off as “well, someone is tired,” and go on about our business. In fact, yawning, especially loudly, for a dog is actually a form of nonverbal communication. Understanding this and other ways your dog uses to communicate among their own kind can help you to comfort, understand, and …Read More

  9. Identifying Non-aggressive Dog Behaviors

    In our previous blog, we mentioned some commonly misunderstood signs of dog aggression, today we’ll discuss the opposite: Non-aggressive dog behaviors commonly mistaken as aggressive or dangerous. Most commonly, this is when a dog is playing too rough, a scale that people, not dogs, adhere to. Here are some ways to identify non-aggressive behaviors we’ve seen in San Francisco dogs: Play Fighti…Read More

  10. Identifying Aggressive Behavior

    At Lupa K9, we work with owners whose dog shows obvious signs of aggressive behavior, and have developed entire training structures for dealing with many types of dog aggression accordingly. We have found that many San Francisco pet owners’ dogs actually exhibit aggressive behaviors that they have yet to mark. All too often we see dogs exhibit aggressive dominant behaviors that owners think of a…Read More