Evaluation + 4/6 One-Hour Dog Training Sessions

This dog behavior training program is designed for dogs that exhibit more severe behavioral issues. This is a unique, intensive program that focuses heavily on structure in and out of the home. By combining obedience training, structure, strong leadership, rehabilitative desensitization work, and clear communication, even dogs with intense aggression can lead a happy, stress-free life, and so can you! I specialize in rehabilitating dogs that exhibit behaviors such as:

  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • Reactivity/Aggression on leash
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation anxiety

A crucial part of rehabilitating dogs with these behaviors is to focus on the dog’s state of mind. Most dogs with reactivity and aggression issues react out of fear or anxiety. Teaching a dog basic obedience not only boosts the dog’s confidence but also teaches the dog to focus on you and the commands, rather than the stressor. It also teaches the dog to make healthier choices and find an alternative solution to the stressors as opposed to acting out. Because obedience plays an important role in rehabilitating nervous and fearful dogs, every dog trained in this program will also learn the following:

  • Walk calmly on leash
  • Sit/Down
  • Stay
  • Place command (holding a down stay calmly until released)

I offer both a 4- and 6-session training package depending on the severity of your dog’s behaviors and your dog’s needs. To get to know you and your dog a little better, I will first conduct an in depth 1.5-2 hour assessment and consultation of your dog in your home. We will discuss your dog’s history, behaviors and habits, and your goals. Together we will develop a comprehensive dog training plan based on your dog’s specific needs and then… we begin!

Training is a dynamic process that builds each time you train; these training sessions are designed to foster that process. The following 4 or 6 sessions are one hour each, and my goal is to build and strengthen your dog’s foundation into a stronger repertoire of skills. When it comes to obedience training, what you put into it is what you get out. I will provide you with a strong ladder and a hand up but it’s up to you to climb!

These behaviors can often be prevented by creating a solid training plan during puppyhood! If you have a puppy and want to set your dog up for success early, check out my puppy training basics!