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    Signs of Aggression to Look Out For In Your Dog

    As a dog owner, you probably know all too well how excitable and energetic dogs can be. They’re naturally a little “rough around the edges,” and that’s one thing we love about them! Unfortunately, that also means that it can be difficult to distinguish between aggressive and playful behavior. Whether your dog is playing with another canine companion, or zealously reacting to a new housegue…Read More

  2. Avoid These Common Dog Training Mistakes

    There is a reason why professional dog training services such as Lupa K9 exist — dog training can be an art, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are actually a lot of mistakes that can be made. While I make my living training dogs in the San Francisco area, one of the secondary goals of my training sessions is to help owners learn how to train dogs themselves, so that the dog can …Read More

  3. 4 Common Myths About Dog Training

    In the world of dog training, there are constantly new developments and practices — sometimes new discoveries are made which virtually all experts can agree on, while others are rife with disagreement among the experts. To dog owners, this can make dog training an intimidating and confusing labyrinth of information. In learning about dog training, it’s likely you’ll hear a lot of myths and m…Read More

  4. Functional Obedience – Being Your Dog’s Leader

    One mistake that a lot of dog owners make is focusing on specific tasks and actions when they’re training their dog. Yes, you can train your dog to do extremely specific tasks, but ultimately, it’s easiest to train a dog when they feel naturally submissive towards you, and when they respect you as their de-facto leader. It’s like the old adage: “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Give a…Read More

  5. What We Can Learn From Human Behavior In Dog Training

    Despite the great love we have for our dogs and puppies, it’s no secret that many dog owners are absolutely mystified by the prospect of dog training. They often don’t know how their dog thinks, or how they react to your disciplinary measures. At Lupa K9, I take a holistic approach to training dogs which carefully balances rewards and corrections. One thing that helps people to understand the …Read More

  6. Understanding Resource Guarding

    We all like to have our things. The love for material possessions is one of humanity’s defining traits, so is it too crazy to assume that dogs feel the same way? Indeed, there are many dogs who become protective and territorial in regards to material things that they form attachments to. This is known as “resource guarding,” and while it’s sometimes harmless, it can have negative consequen…Read More

  7. Identifying Different Types of Dog Aggression

    Without a proper education of dogs, their physiology, and personality, it can sometimes be easy to misread them. We, after all, are not dogs, and sometimes when we assume how they’re feeling, we’re not always right. This can be a problem, especially when it comes to aggressive behavior. At Lupa K9, behavior modification is one of my most sought-after services, and in the many years I’ve spen…Read More

  8. The Value of Training Your Dog

    Dogs are impulsive and opportunistic creatures. When they have an impulse, they act on it. So what do we do when we need to call our dog back to our side if they run away, when we need to get their attention if they pull on the leash to pick a fight with another dog, or pick up something dangerous off the ground? How do we get our dog to pay attention to us and ask for permission before acting? Bu…Read More

  9. 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting a Puppy or Dog

    The temptation to buy a new puppy or dog is an irresistible siren song that often leads to an impulse buy and could lead to buyers remorse IF you aren’t prepared. Although super cute and fulfilling, dogs (puppies in particular) require an enormous amount of care and attention. If you see a puppy in the window go through this checklist before you stare too deeply into their eyes: Am I Ready for t…Read More

  10. Things to Think About Before Buying a Puppy!

    If you’re considering buying or adopting a puppy, first ask yourself these questions Puppies are the one thing that brings pure joy to anyone that they come in contact with. They’re adorable, fluffy, and absolutely impossible to resist! Who doesn’t want a puppy? Unfortunately, while the initial thrill of having a puppy is great, it isn’t going to last. People tend to overlook how much time…Read More