I’m excited to get to know you, but first, here’s a little bit about me!




Dog Trainer/Behaviorist

IACP Member # A-5903

AKC Canine Good Citizen



Dog training is just as much about training the dog as it is the owner. The dynamics of the human – dog relationship is what I enjoy most about dog training! Coming from a background in Social Work, it’s no secret that I find great joy working with people but combining my passion for people and my passion for dogs brings me even greater joy! I have been around animals my entire life… from fish to llamas… but the relationship we have with dogs is very unique.

Dogs are intelligent, curious, and sensitive animals, but they are wired differently and have a language all their own. However, with proper obedience training and an understanding of canine behavior, I believe owners can connect with their dog on a whole new level.  Having an unbalanced dog can be a major source of stress for families. I have helped countless troubled dogs become the well balanced companion the owners have dreamed of, and I am committed to making sure every family I work with understands how to meet their dog’s needs and live a happy life with a well balanced companion. From puppy training and walking your dog to aggressive dog behavior training, I am here to help you bring balance to your dog and into your life!








Canine Good Citizen



Meet Finn, my four year-old Goldendoodle! He is full of life and people often mistake him for a puppy because of his jovial personality and jaunty stride. He’s an avid off-leash hiker and backpacker, loves going on beach runs, learning new tricks, meeting new people and dogs, and is an expert at getting people to fall in love with him! Sounds like a dream right? Well… he wasn’t always like this.

When I rescued Finn, he was a ball of anxiety and would do his best to escape leaves blowing by, a big gust of wind, other dogs, and would bolt out any open door for a solo adventure! His anxiety also led to some aggression issues, and he even had a history of biting a child and other dogs- Finn was in need of some serious all around training. After spending time and work with obedience, off-leash, and behavior modification training, he has developed into a calm, balanced dog that is engaged and obedient, enjoys meeting new dogs, running off-leash (and always comes when called), and has gained confidence around things that used to startle him.  If this sounds like your dog, there is hope! Ask Finn, he will tell you!